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2021-22 Theme: Change

2021-22 School Year

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Thank you for trusting the North Lake School staff with your children’s education. We offer five days a week face-to-face instruction with no virtual learning options. Parents, you are our partners and help to make this learning model work. We truly respect this responsibility and know that our great K-8 will continue in its success.
We have finalized the 2021-22 School Year Plan. Yet, please understand that this plan may need to be revisited as time passes. We are planning on a school environment as normal as practically possible while maintaining the health and safety of your child. We will continue to consider the guidelines from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Waukesha County Health Department and Waukesha County Executive Office. Any decisions affecting your child’s education will be made locally, specifically by the North Lake School Board and with recommendations from district leadership.
Let’s stay the course as a strong North Lake Community!

Communication Updates

December 3, 2021
We continue to closely monitor illness and positive cases. Our numbers continue to be low and do not warrant the use of a dashboard. We will continue to send the COVID exposure notification letter and we will add the date of exposure when possible. In grades 5-8, we send the letter to a student’s homeroom and elective classes when exposure occurs. The best advice as we enter cold and flu season as well as the holidays is: IF YOU’RE SICK, STAY HOME!

November 18, 2021
We continue to experience success while being in person for school and maintaining the health and safety of the student body. Thank you for your cooperation and patience in communicating with Mrs. Peggy Longley in the health room. Mrs. Longley tracks symptoms and illness to keep school open. You may be asked to provide a negative COVID test as part of this process. Our positive COVID numbers do not substantiate a dashboard at this time, but keep in mind this communication tool will be used if positive cases exceed 5. Finally, the district will send a letter home if exposure occurs in your son or daughter’s classroom. This communication is important for families to make their own decisions regarding quarantine. Again, thank you parents for being our partners in the continued challenges.
The Oconomowoc Area School District is providing a vaccine clinic to the North Lake School community as a public service. The clinic will be using the Pfizer brand vaccination and available spots are open to ages 5 and up. The clinic is open to anyone seeking the vaccination in either the first shot, second shot, or booster. The clinic will be held at Meadow View Elementary School on Saturday, December 11. The sign up link can be found here: Vaccine Clinic Sign Up

November 5, 2021
I wanted to remind families about our 2021-22 School Year Plan protocols. To date, North Lake School has experienced extremely limited positive COVID cases (*less than five students and staff since September 1). In each case, symptoms developed while the individual was on vacation or away from school. You will receive a letter if there is exposure in your child’s classroom. You are not required to quarantine if exposure occurs. However, quarantining is recommended and we encourage self-monitoring of any symptoms. Mrs. Longley keeps detailed records of staff and student absences and illnesses in the health room to maintain the health and safety of our school community. I encourage you to contact me directly if you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to call or text me (262-422-9220) outside of school hours or on the weekend. I appreciate the partnership with our families.

October 1, 2021
So far, we have managed to have a safe and successful start to the school year. Mrs. Longley is making many calls when children are sick to ensure good communication and implementation of our back to school plan protocols. Thank you for your cooperation in speaking with Mrs. Longley, visiting the doctor, and getting COVID testing accomplished when necessary. Our numbers are low enough to not have a dashboard at this time but we will continue to monitor the situation. We are very lucky to live where we do and provide face-to-face instruction five days a week. Thank you to our terrific teachers and supportive parents!

September 17, 2021
Dousman Transport is asking for help with keeping masks on students during their bus rides. It is extremely difficult for the drivers to monitor masks and Dousman needs your help, parents, to make this happen. Parents, you are our partners throughout this process.

September 3, 2021
As per recent CDC and Waukesha County Health guidelines, masks for students and staff are recommended (not required) by the district. Masks are required on school buses per federal law. The teaching staff will work with families and students to support their choices regarding PPE with respect and understanding. When a teacher is working in close proximity with a masked student, the teacher will be required to wear a mask. Working together with parents as partners is paramount.
Students with COVID-like symptoms should be tested. If your child has symptoms of COVID-19, please reach out to Mrs. Peggy Longley. Mrs. Longley can assist you as the district has a community partnership/portal with Summit Clinical Laboratories in Delafield to provide PCR testing and share results directly with the district pending parent permission on the same day.
Isolation & Quarantine
If your child has COVID-19, Waukesha County Health protocols will be followed. Mrs. Longley will work directly with the health department and your family. Students and staff with a positive COVID-19 test are required to complete a 10-day isolation. There is a ready reference titled COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine information for families on the website. If there is a positive COVID-19 case in your child’s classroom, a notification letter will be emailed to parents explaining the possible exposure.
Visitor Protocols
Parent volunteers and planned visitors will be allowed in the building this year. They may need to be approved by the administration and may need to be scheduled with teaching staff. Use of the Raptor Management System for background checks will be reinstated for all people entering the building. Visitors and volunteers must self-screen for COVID-19 systems before receiving their Raptor visitor badge.

August 26, 2021
The North Lake School Board approved the 2021-22 School Year Plan on August 25th. Below are links to the Plan, At-Home Symptom Checklist, Summit Clinical Laboratories Forms, COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Information, and Notification of Exposure Parent Letter.

August 16, 2021
The NLS staff is looking forward to seeing families at the registration days – August 17 & 18. The new lower playground restoration is not complete so popsicles will be served in the front of the schoolhouse. The plan for the first day of school, September 1, has changed and we will NOT meet as a student body in the big gym. Students will proceed directly to their homerooms upon arrival to maintain classroom cohorts. The school district continues to monitor the health recommendations and encourages vaccination for those eligible. Currently, the district is returning to normal policies and procedures and masks will be optional for students and staff. However, discussion will continue and decisions will be made as necessary.

August 4, 2021
Local decisions will be made in consideration with the guidelines established by the CDC, DPI, Waukesha Health Department and the Waukesha County Executive Office. Masks will not be required in school. Masks are optional for students and staff in the 2021-22 school year.
The North Lake School District encourages all who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
Masks are federally required on school buses at this time. Stay tuned for updates from the district and Dousman Transport regarding this rule.
Some of the effective mitigation efforts will continue for the 2020-21 school year such as: cleaning protocols, lunch/recess schedules limiting large groups, water bottle bubbler use only, frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing, and common sense when working with children.
Visitors, school volunteers, athletics, and field trips will be allowed during the 2021-22 school year. District guidelines will be in place according to our handbook and communicated through The WAVE and website. Please check for updates and/or call the office if you have questions.
Contact tracing may be handled in a similar fashion as the 2020-21 school year with courtesy calls to families if possible and/or appropriate. Families come first at North Lake School. It is still the CDC’s best practice to isolate if you test positive for the Category 1 COVID-19 disease for ten days. The health department will continue to monitor positive cases and communicate with the school community. Finally, the district will utilize a COVID-19 dashboard only if the number of cases warrant this communication tool.
Please contact Mrs. Liesl Ackley at 262-422-9220 with a call or text or email to to answer any specific questions or concerns.


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Waukesha County Public Health
Waukesha County Executive Office
Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services
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