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North Lake School District

2021-22 Theme: Change

Information Technology


Hello, and welcome to North Lake School. Below is a synopsis of our technology program at NLS.

Tech Overview

Technology is an ever-growing aspect of life in the global marketplace, and it continues to be at North Lake School as well. We do our best to implement industry-proven, high-quality hardware to the front and back end of the network.


Currently, the school has a 200x200Mbps dedicated fiber-optic internet connection, 10Gbps fiber running to every switch closet and 1Gbps copper to every LAN workstation, 802.11AC 3×3 MIMO WiFi, a multi-host virtual machine cluster with a high-end SAN for storage, CIPA-compliant web filtering, a Layer 7 UTM firewall, on-premise 1:1 assigned devices for grades 3-8 with a device cart for K-2, three additional computer labs including a STEM lab used for CAD lessons and Music Technology, a SMART board in every applicable instructional classroom, and an ever-expanding list of productivity and educational software.


The technology end-goal is to be as adaptive as possible. The industry changes so quickly that we must work to have a solid hardware and software foundation to build from, and then implement initiatives as they become available/relevant.


Chad Edstrand
IT Director
Personal Mission Statement:
…To continually advance staff knowledge and building equipment in order to create an environment in which students can thrive and become critical thinkers through the use of, and with the aid of, modern technologies.