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North Lake School District

2020-21 Theme: Confidence

Instructional Resources

MeisterMy title is Instructional Resources Director under which I fulfill many roles. This position allows me to work with all of the stakeholders for North Lake School.
It may sound cliché, however I believe “it takes a village” to educate a child. My village includes the school staff, parents, school board and community members and especially the students of North Lake School. I believe that every child can learn and cooperation and collaboration throughout the village allows for creating an educational environment that fosters the academic growth of each child.
In my roles, including Reading Specialist and Library Media Specialist, my goals include working to meet the needs of all students and support student learning. I do this directly working with students and through professional development and staff support.
I don’t think you will find a better place than North Lake School. I have an open door policy and invite you to come in or contact me at:
Phone: 262-966-2033