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North Lake School District

2020-21 Theme: Confidence

Public Notices

Academic Standards – The North Lake School District’s academic standards have been developed over the course of the years blending the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards, Common Core Curriculum Standards, and locally-developed standards.
Annual Asbestos Notification
Education for Employment (Policy 2420)
Education of Homeless Children and Youth (Policy 5111.01)
Personal Communication Devices (Policy 5136)
School Accountability (Policy 2700.01)
Section 504/ADA Prohibition Against Discrimination Based on Disability (Policy 2260.01)
Special Education Needs (Policy 2460)
Student Anti-Harassment (Policy 5517)
Student Attendance (Policy 5200)
Student Bullying (Policy 5517.01)
Student Locker Searches (Policy 5771)
Student Non-Discrimination (Policy 2260)
Student Records (Policy 8330)
Weapons (Policy 5772)