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Educational Overview

North Lake School District’s academic standards include a blend of Wisconsin Model of Academic Standards, Common Core State Standards, and locally-developed standards which can be accessed on our school website under the Academics menu.

The overall instructional program is balanced and integrated with the goal of building strong foundational skills and providing enriching experiences. Students are actively involved in the teaching and learning process as they discover new knowledge, develop positive attitudes, and communicate effectively with our school community.

Four-year-old kindergarten through second grade is organized into self-contained classrooms and the primary focus is on meeting the needs of each and every student. Our primary team of teachers focuses on foundational skills to ensure students’ proficiency levels in literacy, which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking, and mathematics.  Students receive instruction in science and social studies topics as well. Grades 3 & 4 have half day block classes which are taught by two teachers specializing in literacy/social studies or mathematics/science.
The academic program in 4K-4 th grade is held to high standards and requires the acquisition of independent work habits, personal responsibility, and relevant learning. 

The middle school (Grades 5-8) programming includes a comprehensive schedule of core classes and electives. Math, Literacy (English/language arts), social studies, and science are taught daily in hour long periods (5-8).  Students are being prepared for their high school years, college, and beyond. Our middle school team of teachers is supportive and strives for each student to reach their full potential while at North Lake School.

Instruction in the fine arts and world languages is a highly valued component of our curriculum.  5K-6 th grade experience art and music instruction as part of their core academic schedule. 7 th -8 th graders have rich opportunities to pursue their interests in the fine arts through
a comprehensive elective schedule. Instrumental music is another programming option for interested students in grades 5-8. North Lake School students’ physical and health development is met through the services of a certified physical education and health teacher. In addition,
there are extra-curricular clubs and activities that enhance North Lake School’s education programs. 

Technology is integrated across the curriculum and throughout the educational experience at North Lake School. We continue to improve our access for students, staff, and surrounding community members. Our ratio of student to device is 1:1 providing each individual student with his/her own device.  As we increase technology integration, our teaching staff is supported through professional development and access to digital tools. Further, we pride ourselves on being a Google Workspace for Education school district since 2011.

We are a destination school district due to our award-winning STEAM- science, technology, engineering, arts, math curriculum. K-8 grades proudly offer Project Lead the Way’s (PLTW) Gateway and Launch curricula. Continued STEAM programming in 2022-23 includes expanded Maker Spaces with the hands-on Lakers Manufacturing Experience in grades 5-8. Stop by and check it out!

Finally, the district develops and maintains curriculum course guides to better accomplish learning results with children. The district administrator is responsible for the preparation of these guides and can be contacted for additional information.