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Special Education

All children deserve a quality childhood so they become joyful, lifelong learners, active contributors to healthy communities, and productive members of society. North Lake School works in partnership with Lake Country Kindergarten and the larger early childhood community to create strong communities in which all families are supported in their roles and responsibilities. North Lake School adheres to the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.

The standards are designed for all programs that serve children from birth to first grade. Children who meet the developmental expectations outlined in the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards will be prepared to master Wisconsin’s Core Standards.

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Our special education teachers and aides support the general education curriculum and help to accommodate various student needs. Special Education staff provide individual learning opportunities and promote strong communication between home and school. Teacher, parent, and child are all important members in the circle. Special Education is split by level: lower (K-4th) and upper (5-8) and its staff works closely with classroom teachers, families, and administration.

Special Education also includes the following pupil services on an as-needed basis: speech and language, OT/PT, and hearing therapy.

If you have any questions or would like more information, you may refer to the following link or contact one of our Special Education teachers directly.

Special Education Parent’s Rights

Special Education in Plain Language

Speech services are offered for students from preschool through eighth grade.

Referral Process:

Speech-Language Referral Process for Preschool Aged Children:
If you have a concern about your child’s speech-language skills or have been referred by your child’s pediatrician, please contact Mrs. Lofy at extension 115 or via email at If your child attends Lake Country Kindergarten you can talk to Mrs. Graziano and she will pass your concerns on to Mrs. Lofy. She will gather information from you and you can decide together if your child needs a speech-language referral.

Speech-Language Referral Process for School Aged Children:
If your child is already attending school and you have a concern regarding speech-language skills, please talk with his or her teacher. Your child’s teacher will contact Mrs. Lofy with your concerns or you can contact Mrs. Lofy directly. She will be more than happy to explain the process and begin working with you to meet the needs of your child. Please keep in mind that we provide services from an academic model and there must be a negative impact on your child’s academic performance and/or social functioning to qualify for speech & language services in the North Lake School District.

Occupational and Physical Therapy services are offered for those students with an identified need. Please contact your child’s teacher for more information.

Hearing services are offered for those students with an identified need. Please contact your child’s teacher for more information.


Mrs. Westcott

Special Education Director
Mrs. Julie Westcott
ext. 114

Mr. Wood

Special Education Teacher
Mr. Mike Wood
ext. 201

Mrs. Berlin

Mrs. Kelley Berlin 
ext. 114

Mrs. Lofy

Speech Pathologist
Mrs. Cindy Lofy
ext. 115

Mrs. Grosch

Mrs. Judy Grosch
ext. 113

No Photo

Mrs. Shelly Hansen
ext. 113