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Staff Directory


Dr. Ackley

Dr. Liesl R. Ackley 
ext. 153

Ms. Meister

Director of Teaching and Learning, Reading Specialist, Library Media Specialist
Ms. Nancy Meister 
ext. 134

Mrs. Westcott

Special Education Director
Mrs. Julie Westcott
ext. 114

Manager of Business Services
Mrs. Jennifer Sellhausen 
ext. 156

Mrs. Osowski

District Secretary
Mrs. Janelle Osowski 
ext. 151

Mrs. Apel

School Secretary/Health Room
Mrs. Heather Apel
ext. 152

Mr. Edstrand

IT Director
Mr. Chad Edstrand
ext. 300

Mr. Ashenfelter

Director of Building & Grounds
Mr. Karl Ashenfelter 
ext. 142

Mrs. Cull

Kitchen (Head Cook) 
Mrs. Diane Cull
ext. 140

Mrs. Wright

Extended Day Program, 4K Aide
Mrs. Nichole Wright
ext. 205

Support Staff

Mrs. Lesch

School Counselor, 504 Coordinator
Mrs. Jill Lesch 
ext. 210

Mrs. Berlin

Mrs. Kelley Berlin 
ext. 114

Mr. Wood

Special Education Teacher
Mr. Mike Wood
ext. 201

Mrs. Haase

Lower School Interventionist
Mrs. Gina Haase
ext. 107

Mrs. Lofy

Speech Pathologist
Mrs. Cindy Lofy
ext. 115

Mrs. Grosch

Mrs. Judy Grosch
ext. 113

Allie Bickel

Instructional Support
Mrs. Allie Bickel
ext. 115

Wanda Casper

Instructional Support
Mrs. Wanda Casper
ext. 333

Mrs. Harmeyer

Instructional Support
Mrs. Shelly Harmeyer
ext. 201

Mr. Wangerin

Instructional Support
Mr. Andrew Wangerin
ext. 138


Mrs. Graziano

4K AM Kindergarten
Mrs. Kari Graziano
ext. 101

Mrs. Mahlberg

4K PM Kindergarten
Mrs. Katie Mahlberg
ext. 101

Mrs. Giesie

5K Kindergarten
Mrs. Sami Giesie 
ext. 105

Mrs. Toczyski

5K Kindergarten
Mrs. Jennifer Toczyski 
ext. 103

Mrs. Tarkowski

First Grade
Mrs. Ashley Tarkowski 
ext. 106

Ms. Wartman

First Grade
Ms. Kathleen Wartman 
ext. 104

Mrs. Brittnacher

Second Grade
Mrs. Pam Brittnacher 
ext. 111

Mr. Ray

Second Grade
Mr. Mike Ray 
ext. 109

Mr. Budde

Third Grade
Mr. Bruce Budde 
ext. 124

Ms. Kudis

Third Grade
Mrs. Lanette Kudis
ext. 122

Mr. Byrne

Fourth Grade
Mr. Yancy Byrne 
ext. 127

Mrs. Flannery

Fourth Grade
Mrs. Jennifer Flannery
ext. 125

Mrs. Andorfer

5-6 Social Studies
Mrs. Donna Andorfer 
ext. 222

Mr. Kaczor

5-6 Science
Mr. Curt Kaczor 
ext. 202

Mrs. Richman

5-6 Math
Mrs. Tracy Richman
ext. 224

Mrs. Ruck

5-6 Literacy
Mrs. Melissa Ruck 
ext. 209

Ms. Mays

7-8 Literacy
Ms. Lauren Mays 
ext. 241

Mrs. Minor

7-8 Social Studies/Robotics
Mrs. Maureen Minor
ext. 242

Mr. McConville

7-8 Science
Mr. David McConville
ext. 243

Mrs. Wagner

7-8 Math
Mrs. Carey Wagner
ext. 246

Mr. Krieger

General Music/Choir
Mr. William Krieger 
ext. 131

Mrs. Lyons

Mrs. Candi Lyons 
ext. 207

Mrs. Clauer

Physical Education/Health
Mrs. Karen Clauer
ext. 135

Dave Richman

Middle School Manufacturing
Mr. Dave Richman 
ext. 249

Tim Gliniecki

Mr. Tim Gliniecki 
ext. 211