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Get To Know The North Lake Staff


Dr. Ackley

Dr. Liesl Ackley’s Favorites

Snacks: Popcorn

Beverages:  Snapple, Lemon Iced Tea

Restaurants:  Palmers & Belfre Kitchen

Stores:  Von Maur

Flowers:  Roses

Charities:  North Lake School Funds for Families, North Lake Food Pantry, and North Lake Education Foundation

Things to Do:  Swim, Read, Walk

Ms. Meister

Ms. Nancy Meister’s Favorites

Snacks: Dark chocolate, Snyder’s Bavarian hard pretzels

Beverages:  Anodyne Coffee

Restaurants:  Anodyne Pizza-Bayview

Stores:  Good Harvest

Flowers:  Calla Lily, Sunflower

Charities:  Ray of Hope, Women’s Health Research Program @ Medical College of Wisconsin

Things to Do:  Outside activities, Hike, Bike, Kayak, Paddleboard, Ski, Snowshoe

Mrs. Westcott

Mrs. Julie Westcott’s Favorites

Snacks: Fruit, Chocolate with Caramel, Cheetos

Beverages:  Water, Refreshers

Restaurants:  Pink Mocha, Birch + Banyan, Kim’s

Stores:  Marshall’s, Von Maur, Amazon

Flowers:  Hydrangea, Tulips, Anything fresh

Charities:  St. Jude and MACC Fund

Things to Do:  Reading, Family, Vacations


Ms. Jenny Sellhausen’s Favorites

Snacks: Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream, Chocolate, Caramel Corn

Beverages:  McDonald’s Coke

Restaurants:  Maggianos and Bravo

Stores:  The Buckle, JC Penney

Flowers:  Pink Roses

Charities:  Salvation Army, Washington County Humane Society

Things to Do:  Work out, Play volleyball, Kayaking, Skiing, Gardening

Mrs. Osowski

Mrs. Janelle Osowski’s Favorites

Snacks: Popcorn, Nuts, Sweet & Salty Snacks

Beverages:  Water, Sparkling Teas, Diet Dr. Pepper

Restaurants:  Olive Garden, Cousins, Culver’s

Stores:  Target, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Amazon

Flowers:  All flowers are great!

Charities:  Make-A-Wish, American Lung Association

Things to Do:  Time with family, Traveling, Baking, and Crafting

Mrs. Apel

Mrs. Heather Apel’s Favorites

Snacks:  Sweet and salty, Cheddar and sour cream chips, Popcorn

Beverages:  Water, McDonald’s Mello Yello, and Chocolate Milk

Restaurants:  Olive Garden, Culver’s, Panera Bread

Stores:  Target and Amazon

Flowers:  Dahlias and Gerber Daisies

Charities:  HAWS

Things to Do:  Love taking my son on fun adventures, going up north to the lake

Mr. Edstrand

Mr. Chad Edstrand’s Favorites

Snacks: Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds

Beverages:  Water, Coffee, Maeda-En Sen-Cha Green Tea

Stores:  Amazon

Flowers:  Burnt Red Sunflower, Lantanas, Ranunculus, Lotus, Dahlia

Charities:  HAWS

Things to Do:  Play musical instruments, Boating, Family time, Anaerobic exercise

Mr. Ashenfelter

Mr. Karl Ashenfelter’s Favorites

Snacks: Veggie Straws, El Ray Tortilla Chips

Beverages:  Flavored sparkling water

Restaurants:  Tom & Di’s

Stores:  Amazon

Charities:  Wounded Warriors

Things to Do:  Downhill Ski

Laurie Doleschy

Mrs. Laurie Doleschy’s Favorites

Snacks: Chicago-style popcorn

Beverages:  Coffee w/ dry creamer, Water

Restaurants:  Suburpia

Stores:  Farm & Fleet, Marshall’s, Flea Markets

Flowers:  Yellow roses, Peonies

Charities:  HAWS, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Wounded Warriors

Things to Do:  Spend time with grandson, Hike with my dogs, Motorcycle trips

Mrs. Cull

Mrs. Diane Cull’s Favorites

Snacks: Venison hot rods, Chips w/ my homemade salsa

Beverages:  Flavored coffee, Coca-Cola

Restaurants:  Alpine Retreat

Stores:  Ebert’s Greenhouse, Hobby Lobby, Aldi

Flowers:  All Perennials, Succulents

Charities:  Women’s Center, Blanket Buddies program

Things to Do:  Spend time in my perennial flower beds, Gardening, Crafting, Knitting, Baking, Canning

Mrs. Wright

Mrs. Nichole Wright’s Favorites

Snacks: Popcorn, Chips & Salsa

Beverages:  Cold brew coffee, Coke Zero

Restaurants:  Starbucks, Fiesta Cancun, Cubanitas

Stores:  HomeGoods, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx

Flowers:  Tulips, Hydrangeas, Peonies

Charities:  Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, ALS Association

Things to Do:  Shopping, Traveling, Spending time with my family and friends, Crafting

Beth Gatzow

Mrs. Beth Gatzow’s Favorites

Snacks: KIND Bars – Caramel, Almond & Sea Salt

Beverages:  Raspberry Bubly, Bublr, Black Tea

Restaurants:  BBQ+Co, Stillery, Culver’s

Stores:  Merton Feed Mill, Amazon, Target

Charities:  Girls on the Run

Things to Do:  Run, Tend to my chickens, Coach daughter’s softball team

Support Staff

Mrs. Lesch

Mrs. Jill Lesch’s Favorites

Snacks: Chocolate & Pretzels

Beverages:  Coffee

Restaurants:  Panera

Stores:  Target & Amazon

Flowers:  Gebera Daisies

Charities:  American Brain Tumor Association

Things to Do:  Hike and Read

Mrs. Berlin

Mrs. Kelley Berlin’s Favorites

Snacks: Fruit or Protein Bars

Beverages:  Coffee & Sparkling water

Restaurants:  BelAir Cantina & Picnic Basket

Stores:  Athleta & Target

Flowers:  Wildflowers

Charities:  Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation & Wounded Warrior Project

Things to Do:  Be with family, run with my two cute labs, be outside, be active & workout, bake

Mr. Wood

Mr. Mike Wood’s Favorites

Snacks: Buffalo wings, Baker String Cheese

Beverages:  Smoothies, Coffee

Restaurants:  Endter’s, Mitchell’s Fish, Pat’s Rib Place

Stores:  Target, Menard’s

Charities:  CRS, CAPfund, Veteran Charities

Things to Do:  Watch/Play sports, Read

Mrs. Haase

Mrs. Gina Haase’s Favorites

Snacks: Dark sea salt chocolate/caramel

Beverages:  Water

Restaurants:  Pink Mocha, Chick-Fil-A, Lago Su Bella

Stores:  Sendik’s, REI, Nordstrom

Flowers:  Orchid

Charities:  Journey21

Things to Do:  Pickleball, Stand up paddleboard, Read, Watch sports, Travel

Mrs. Grosch

Mrs. Judy Grosch’s Favorites

Snacks: Nuts, Dark chocolate, KIND Bars

Beverages:  Starbucks

Restaurants:  Panera’s & Starbucks

Stores:  Starbucks, Target, Kohl’s

Flowers:  Wildflower Bouquet

Charities:  Susan G Komen

Things to Do:  Go to restaurants

Allie Bickel

Mrs. Allie Bickel’s Favorites

Snacks: Trail Mix and Cheez-Its

Beverages: Coffee and Diet Coke

Restaurants: Portillo’s and Lou Malnati’s

Stores:  Target and Homebody

Flowers:  Peonies

Charities:  Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan’s Purse

Things to Do:  Coach basketball, spend time at the lake, travel, read

Wanda Casper

Mrs. Wanda Casper’s Favorites

Snacks: Popcorn, Chocolate

Beverages:  Sprecher soda, Kool-Aid

Restaurants:  The Mineshaft, Culver’s, Olive Garden

Stores:  Target, Kohl’s, Bath & Body Works

Flowers:  Peonies, Carnations, Lilacs

Charities:  Make-A-Wish, Give Kids The World

Things to Do:  Hiking, Board Games, Movies, Puzzle Books

Mrs. Harmeyer

Mrs. Shelly Harmeyer’s Favorites

Snacks: Chocolate, Nuts

Beverages:  Coffee

Restaurants:  Grimaldi’s, Cafe Hollander

Stores:  Kwik Trip, Sentry

Flowers:  Any

Charities:  Humane Society

Things to Do:  Read, Walk, Gardening

Mr. Wangerin

Mr. Andy Wangerin’s Favorites

Snacks: Nachos, Pretzels with cheese, Pistachios, Cashews, Berries, Funyuns

Beverages:  Dr. Pepper, Chocolate Milk

Restaurants:  Red Lobster, Girabaldi’s

Stores:  Hobby stores, Toy stores

Flowers:  Wood Violet, Tulips

Charities:  Church (St. John’s Lutheran Church, Sullivan, WI)

Things to Do:  Travel, Camp, Canoe


Mrs. Graziano

Mrs. Kari Graziano’s Favorites

Snacks: Ranch veggie straws

Beverages:  Lemon Iced Tea

Restaurants:  Pink Mocha

Stores:  Amazon, Target

Flowers:  Tulips

Charities:  Little Warrior Foundation

Mrs. Mahlberg

Mrs. Katie Mahlberg’s Favorites

Snacks: Any!

Beverages:  Coffee, Diet Coke

Restaurants:  Starbucks, Cousins, Culver’s

Stores:  Target

Flowers:  Any!

Charities:  Humane Society

Things to Do:  Ski, Hike, Read


Mrs. Giesie

Mrs. Sami Giesie’s Favorites

Snacks: Popcorn & Spicy Cheetos

Beverages:  Diet Coke & Iced Green Tea

Restaurants:  Fox & Hounds, Culver’s

Stores:  Old Navy, Target, Amazon

Flowers:  Dahlias & Gerber Daisy

Charities:  HAWS

Things to Do:  Cooking, Reading, Going on the lake with my husband & dog


Mrs. Toczyski

Mrs. Jennifer Toczyski’s Favorites

Snacks: Dark chocolate, Pickle-flavored pretzels

Beverages:  Coffee, Unsweet Iced Tea

Restaurants:  Picnic Basket, Endter’s

Stores:  Target and Amazon

Flowers:  Lilacs and Peonies

Charities:  Relay for Life

Things to Do:  Bake, Listen to Music, Read & Relax

Mrs. Tarkowski

Mrs. Ashley Tarkowski’s Favorites

Snacks: Salsa and Chips, Dark Chocolate

Beverages:  Diet Coke, Coffee

Restaurants:  Chili’s, VIP Sushi, Chick-Fil-A

Stores:  Amazon, Target, Pick ‘n Save

Flowers:  Succulent Plants and Tulips

Charities:  Harlow’s Heroes, Tricia’s Troops

Things to Do:  Read and Watch Movies, Coach Soccer

Ms. Wartman

Ms. Kathleen Wartman’s Favorites

Snacks: Dot’s Pretzels, Dark Chocolate, Granola, Protein bars

Beverages:  Chai Tea Latte w/ oat milk, Protein shakes

Restaurants:  Chocolate Factory, Pink Mocha, San Giorgio Pizzeria Napoletana

Stores:  Target, Anthropologie, Dick’s, Performance Running Outfitters

Flowers:  Orchids, Lilies, Roses

Charities:  Women’s Care Center, Honor Flight, American Brain Tumor Association

Things to Do:  Hike, Run, Rollerblade, Fish, Bike, Travel, Ski

Mrs. Brittnacher

Mrs. Pam Brittnacher’s Favorites

Snacks: Chocolate, Puppy chow mix, Snickers, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Beverages:  Dr. Pepper, Cherry 7-UP

Restaurants:  Panera, Mineshaft, Culver’s

Stores:  Target, Amazon, Kohl’s

Flowers:  Plants

Charities:  Tricia’s Troops, Harlow’s Heroes

Things to Do:  Hang with family, Visit Minocqua, Bowling, Movies

Mr. Ray

Mr. Mike Ray’s Favorites

Snacks: Cereal, Chocolate Animal Crackers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Popcorn

Beverages:  Gatorade

Restaurants:  Albaneses, Point Burger Bar, Panera

Stores:  Target, REI, Amazon

Flowers:  Daisies

Things to Do:  Hang with my kids, Sports

Mr. Budde

Mr. Bruce Budde’s Favorites

Snacks: Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate…and fruit

Beverages:  Double chocolate chip fappuccino, Fruit smoothies

Restaurants:  Panera, Culver’s, KFC

Stores:  Amazon

Flowers:  Ones that produce edible fruits

Charities:  UMCOR – United Methodist Committee on Relief

Things to Do:  Tennis, Fishing, Gardening, and Teaching

Ms. Kudis

Ms. Lanette Kudis’ Favorites

Snacks: Anything salty or that I could dip a chip into

Beverages:  Coffee in the AM & anything chilled or on ice at night

Restaurants:  Sobies, Bella Gusto, Smoke on the Water, Fiesta Cancun

Stores:  Amazon, Evereve, Nordstrom, The Corners

Flowers:  Gardenia, Wildflowers

Charities:  Compassion International, Humane Society

Things to Do:  Walk, Bike, Garden, Boat/Paddleboard/Kayak, Read, Go to dinner with friends, Travel

Mr. Byrne

Mr. Yancy Byrne’s Favorites

Snacks: Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Anything spicy

Beverages:  Flavored Coffee

Restaurants:  Olive Garden, Marty’s, Feng’s Kitchen

Stores:  Walmart, Target, Sierra

Charities:  Hope Center Waukesha, Harlow’s Heroes, G9

Things to Do:  Frisbee golf, Mountain bike, Boat, Play drums

Mrs. Flannery

Mrs. Jennifer Flannery’s Favorites

Snacks: Chocolate, Coffee, Gum, Mints, Reese’s PB Cups, Twizzlers

Beverages:  Diet Coke, Coffee (Starbucks)

Restaurants:  Noodles & Co., Culver’s

Stores:  TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Target, HomeGoods

Flowers:  Gerber Daisies, Plants (any)

Charities:  Tricia’s Troops, Harlow’s Heroes

Things to Do:  Shop, Relax, Go on vacation, Go to movies, Spend time with family

Mrs. Andorfer

Mrs. Donna Andorfer’s Favorites

Snacks: Chocolate, Popcorn and nut mixes

Beverages:  Water, Sparkling water, Coffee

Restaurants:  Senor Tomas, Pink Mocha, Falbo’s

Stores:  Target, Barnes & Noble, HomeGoods, Office Max

Flowers:  Daises and Poinsettias

Charities:  NLS Fundraisers

Things to Do:  Volleyball, Read, Travel

Mr. Kaczor

Mr. Curt Kaczor’s Favorites

Snacks: Fruit Snacks and Ice Cream

Beverages:  Coke and Coffee

Restaurants:  Starbucks and Culver’s

Stores:  Menard’s, Amazon, Home Depot

Flowers:  Orchid

Charities:  HAWS, MACC Fund

Things to Do:  Run and Fish

Mrs. Richman

Mrs. Tracy Richman’s Favorites

Snacks: Cheese and Crackers, Dip and Chips, Popcorn

Beverages:  Dr. Pepper, Coffee

Restaurants:  Culver’s, Chick-Fil-A

Stores:  Amazon

Flowers:  White Carnations, Mixed-Color Carnations, Roses

Charities:  I like to support Veteran-owned businesses

Things to Do:  Be outside on my farm, Visit friends in other states, Read

Mrs. Ruck

Mrs. Melissa Ruck’s Favorites

Snacks: Caramel Popcorn and Pretzels

Beverages:  Vanilla Latte, Sparkling Water

Restaurants:  Palmer’s, Culver’s, Pink Mocha

Stores:  Sendik’s, Target, REI

Flowers:  Hydrangea, Succulents, Lilacs

Charities:  Little Warrior Foundation

Things to Do:  Traveling, Reading, Cooking

Ms. Mays

Ms. Lauren Mays’ Favorites

Snacks: Cookies, Chocolate

Beverages:  Fruit-Flavored Coke, Smoothies

Restaurants:  Panera, Panda Express

Stores:  TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Maurice’s

Flowers:  Dahlias, Violets

Charities:  Compassion International

Things to Do:  Reading, Time with family and friends

Mrs. Minor

Mrs. Maureen Minor’s Favorites

Snacks: Fresh fruit & Nuts

Beverages:  Dark Coffee & Sparkling Water

Restaurants:  Belfre Kitchen & Zinn

Stores:  Amazon & LL Bean

Flowers:  Yellow Roses

Charities:  Food Pantries

Things to Do:  Ski, Snowboard, Hike & Camp

Mr. McConville

Mr. David McConville’s Favorites

Snacks: Nuts, Dark chocolate, Popcorn

Beverages:  Coffee or Diet Coke

Restaurants:  Chick-Fil-A, Qdoba, Picnic Basket, Jimmy John’s

Stores:  Target, Amazon

Flowers:  All

Charities:  ASPCA

Things to Do:  Spend time outdoors: Running, Biking, Hiking

Mrs. Wagner

Mrs. Carey Wagner’s Favorites

Snacks: Any!

Beverages:  Coffee

Restaurants:  Picnic Basket, Bella Gusto

Stores:  Target

Flowers:  Peonies and Zinnias

Charities:  Little Warriors

Things to Do:  Crochet, Read, Play Pickleball

Mr. Krieger

Mr. Will Krieger’s Favorites

Snacks: Cheeze-Its

Beverages:  Sierra Mist

Restaurants:  Noodles and Company, Qdoba

Stores:  Target

Charities:  Goodwill Industries

Things to Do:  Perform music, Sing, Play sports, Be with family

Dave Richman

Mr. Dave Richman’s Favorites

Snacks: Cashews (Honey Roasted)

Beverages:  Pure Leaf Unsweet Tea

Restaurants:  Picnic Basket, North Lake Inn, Local venues

Stores:  Fleet Farm

Charities:  Lake Country Action Shooters, Midway USA Foundation

Things to Do:  Farming, Competitive Shooting, Woodworking

Mrs. Clauer

Mrs. Karen Clauer’s Favorites

Snacks: Dark chocolate, Dark chocolate-covered pretzels

Beverages:  Dark roast coffee

Stores:  Kohl’s, Nike, Old Navy

Flowers:  Iris and Asters

Charities:  Cancer Research

Things to Do:  Hike new trails, Camping, Running, Biking, Travel

Mrs. Lyons

Mrs. Candi Lyons’ Favorites

Snacks: Nuts

Beverages:  Coffee and Water

Restaurants:  Mitchell’s, Harvest Bread, Starbucks

Stores:  Barnes & Noble, Target

Charities:  St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Things to Do:  Art, Read, Watch movies

Tim Gliniecki

Mr. Tim Gliniecki’s Favorites

Snacks: Popcorn

Beverages:  Coffee

Restaurants:  Fiesta Cancun

Things to Do:  Travel, Listen to music, Fish, Play drums