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Dr. Ackley’s Message . . .

A Quick Coat Drive

North Lake School likes to help others in need any time of year but especially during the winter months.  This year, North Lake School will partner with Lake Country Caring to conduct a coat drive.  This quick coat drive will run for one week only, December 4th – 8th.  New and gently used coats are needed in all sizes for men, boys, and girls.  There is a table to collect the coats across from the office.  

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Get to Know the Staff  

It is that time of year when parents want to show their appreciation for the North Lake teaching staff.  If you want to learn more about your child’s teachers and their interests, please visit the North Lake website under the District/Staff Directory.  Click the Get to Know the Staff button at the top of the page for more information. 

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Can you see me now?

The Stone Bank Lions Club will volunteer their time to check Kindergarten through 4th grade vision.  They will be conducting the screening on Wednesday, December 6th throughout the school day.  Early intervention is important in all developmental areas including eye health.   Hearing tests are not performed any more so please be sure to perform these with your pediatrician. 

Red Cross Blood Drive – Life Saving Medicine

Jenelle Blavat spoke to students during their lunch hours on Wednesday about the upcoming Blood Drive on Monday, December 11th.  The student body was encouraged to get their adults to sign up and will receive an incentive (red kickball and Sky Zone admission).  Please see the North Lake School website for sign up information in the Community section.  Let’s get as much life saving medicine (blood) for our community as we can!

Spring Blood Drive | Reynolds School District - Oregon

What should I wear to Mr. Krieger’s Holiday Concert?

The attire for Mr. Krieger’s Kindergarten through 8th grade holiday concert on December 15th is dressy holiday.  Your child should look nice but please don’t dress too warmly as it gets hot with so many people in the big gym.  Your child should arrive at his or her classroom by 4:30 p.m.  The concert will begin promptly at 5:00 p.m.  Please plan on a one hour show followed by the Community Tree Lighting sponsored by the North Lake Rec Club at the Old North Lake Fire Department.  It should be another EPIC experience for the North Lake School community.

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Awesome Academics

Science experiment

Submitted by:  Mr. Kaczor’s 6th Grade Science

In a captivating classroom experiment, a group of enthusiastic 6th-grade students embarked on a journey to unravel the mysteries of sublimation. Mr. Kaczor was safely armed with small blocks of dry ice, their mission was to observe firsthand how this unique substance undergoes a phase change from a solid directly to a gas.

The students eagerly gathered around the dry ice, its chilly presence immediately capturing their attention. 

Mr. Kaczor explained, sublimation is a remarkable process where a substance transforms directly from a solid to a gas, bypassing the liquid phase. Dry ice, composed of solid carbon dioxide, was the ideal medium to witness this captivating transformation.

With great care, Mr. Kaczor placed small cubes of dry ice into cups at each lab station. Then adding small amounts of warm water to each dry ice cup, observing the immediate formation of a hazy fog. The sublimation process was underway, as the solid carbon dioxide rapidly transformed into a gas, creating a mesmerizing display.  They decided to take this experiment one step further by capturing this elusive fog in a bubble of soap.

Excitement filled the air as the students noted the unique properties of sublimation. They observed how the dry ice seemed to disappear without leaving behind any liquid residue, showcasing the direct conversion from solid to gas. The fog produced during sublimation provided a visible demonstration of the gas particles escaping into the surrounding environment.

In this hands-on exploration, the students not only witnessed the magic of sublimation but also deepened their understanding of physical and chemical properties. They gained a newfound appreciation for the complex transformations that occur in the world around them, sparking their curiosity to explore further the captivating realm of science.

AMSAC Consolation Champs!

Girls Basketball Consolation Champs

This week, the combined 5th and 6th grade North Lake girls’ basketball team won the 6th Grade AMSAC Girls’ Basketball Consolation Championship.  Way to Go Lakers!

December Dates to Remember


NLEF Courtyard Collaboration – December 1-8


Vision Screening 4K – 4th Grade – 7:30-2:30pm


Red Cross Blood Drive – 2:00-6:30pm – MPR


K-8 Holiday Concert – 5:00pm


School Board Meeting – 5:30pm – Conference Room


Ugly Sweater Day


No School – Winter Break – December 25 to January 1

January Dates to Remember


School Resumes – January 2

Boys Basketball Practices Begin

Counseling Corner

Hello families!

ACP (Academic and Career Planning) is a process of exploration and self assessment which culminates in a plan that our students take with them to high school as they prepare for their future.  Starting in Kindergarten, we do age appropriate activities to explore different careers and learn about ourselves.  In 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, we work with Xello to document some of this learning for future reference.

At North Lake, a large part of our ACP activities are supported by Junior Achievement.  

What does this involve?

  • 5-7 lessons in your child’s classroom (or another of your choice!)
  • Flexible scheduling with the classroom teacher
  • Brief training with JA to get you on board
  • Lessons provided by Junior Achievement – you just teach them!

We want to thank the parents that are already on board!

4th Grade:  Kelly Nielsen

5th Grade:  Sari Day and Liz VanSlett

6th Grade:  Renee Nies

Would you like to join us?  

Please contact your child’s classroom teacher or me if you have questions or are interested!  We’d love to have you join us.

As always, please let me know if there are any ways that I can support your child!

Take care-

Jill Lesch

A Note from Ms. Meister

🎧  A friendly reminder- all students must have wired headphones at school for computer use, and especially for online testing.  Please confirm that your child is set up for success with comfortably fitting, working, wired headphones.  

Thank you.

Winter coat drive

The link to the Forensic permission slip may be found in the Community Bulletin Board.

The link to the Forensic permission slip may be found in the Community Bulletin Board.

The link to the Forensic permission slip may be found in the Community Bulletin Board.

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The Wave Attachments

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